Transient Hole (Variations)

(animation / rendering: Aisek Ifraimov)

Transient Hole (Variations)
"Modernity is the transient, the fleeting, the contingent; it is one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immoveable"
Charles Baudelaire

Transient Hole Research (THR) is a hybrid curatorial/artistic project and a symposium started in summer of 2017 by viennese artist and curator Alexander Felch. The project`s title refers to a concept for a media artwork, that cannot, properly speaking, be materialized for it deals with a moving void – a transient hole. International artists/scientists of various fields are invited to interpret, express and even find solutions to this paradox, which consist the body of works, that will appear in different cities and catalogued.

Artistic/ curatorial concept:
Across the floor of a white, three-dimensional room a little black hole constantly and randomely moving. The hole is simultaneously there and not there. It is a portal to nowhere. But is it really? Might it not lead to transcendence, to another reality, or perhaps our reality can only be understood through this liminal presence of nothingness? Although this concept is easy to understand, it is nevertheless impossible to represent it in reality. There is no way to depict an actual hole moving through space and time, apart from virtual digital simulations.

Therefore the participants of Transient Hole (Variations) are invited to provide their own interpretation of this problem and develop means to represent it, whether through art or science, to display processes, that cannot be depicted in reality. The aim of the project is obviously not to find a solution to this existential paradox but to bring about a reflection on the topic from a myriad of disciplines and different perspectives which explore the limit of representation. The various responses to the THR problematic are gathered in a collected volume that is in itself a reflection on the boundary between art and science, reality and fantasy.
(Text: Alexander Felch, Aner Barzilay)

The project appears – just like the transient hole – in different cities popping up in various forms.
Since summer 2017 ten variations have been realised:

Krasnodar (RF) - 9/17 - Geek Picknick Festival: Lecture / Introduction
Vienna (A) - 10/17 - Zentrale: Group Show / (Sound-) performances
London: (UK) - 4/18 - Arebyte Gallery: Performative Lecture / Workshop
Antwerp (BEL) - 6/18 - FP24: Group Exhibition / Sound Performance
Berlin (D) - 7/18 - Spektrum: Sound Performances / Group Show / Performative Lecture
St. Petersburg (RF) - 7/18 - Depot: Performance / Artist Talk
Vienna (A) - 9/18 - Zentrale: Group Show / Sound Performance / Performative Lecture / Artist Talk
Zagreb (HR) - 10/18 - GMK: Group Show / Sound Performances / Performative Lecture
London (UK) - 11/18 - Further Field Gallery / Commons: Group show / Sound Performances / Panel / Locative media game
Paris (F) - 5/19 - Creteil /public space: Performance

(Variations) co-curated by: Paul Gründorfer (Vienna/Berlin), Stefan Lutschinger (London/Vienna), Jaysha Obispo (Antwerp), Max Bogner (Berlin), Hrvoje Hiršl (Zagreb)

contributing artists/scientists: Atzgerei Productions, Arnold Berger, Max Bogner, Ryan Mc Donagh, Tin Dozic, Vitar Drinkovic, Sophie Dvořák, Alexander Felch, Mariana Ferreira / Dayjon Edwards, Michael Fischer, Philipp Friedrich, Carola Fuchs, Paul Gründorfer, Hrvoje Hiršl, Christoph Höschele, Harald Hund, Arik Kofranek, Sandy Leong, Stefan Lutschinger, Nicholas Moloney, MONSTERFRAU, Ana Muscet, Vladimir Novak, Anja Nowak, Predrag Pavic, Nina Prader, Jaysha Obispo, Karl Salzmann, Emma Shaw, Nicolas Spencer, Shinji Toya, Jeroen van Amelsvoort, Anna Vasof, Stefan Voglsinger, Jan Vormann, Yilin Wang, David Wauters, Michael Weidhofer, Hui Ye, et al.

Catalogue published through edition mono 2020
Vienna (A) - 10/20 - AIL Angewandte Innovation Lab - Catalogue release, Sound-Performances, Artist Talk
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(video: Arnold Berger)

Realised with kind support by the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the City of Vienna and the Austrian Cultural Forum London